Why Website important for Business

Have you ever wondered what is the importance of a website in business?

The Internet has made the world very small, today if we want any information, we can get it through the internet.

If we want to buy anything, we can buy it through the website and all this has been possible through digital marketing and we can sell our product or service wherever we want.

What is digital media marketing?

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands.

What is important about a Website in Business?

Engage with the customer:

New customer: When we do business from our shop, only our people know or people from the nearby area become our customers, but any of our customers can become our customers on the website, anyone can become our customer by coming. We are doing business from India But a person sitting in America can also become our customer


When we do all our work through the website, we do not need to make any expensive office, we can also do our business from any cheap rental place, apart from this we can manage bills and inventory from the website itself. This is how we save cost

selling increase with data:

We have the data of those who visit our website and apart from this, we also have some data of the people who connect on our social media page, such as what age, what area they are in, what is their choice.

Through all these data, we can sell the product or service according to our customers and increase sales.

Digital Branding:

As our products are sold and people like them, our website becomes a brand, our business becomes a digital brand, which is good for our business.

People talk about our product or service, you see any big company, their product is sold today due to their branding.

Digital sales Pitching:

When someone comes to our shop, sometimes it happens that we have a product of his need but we cannot show him and can not explain the characteristics of it, but our products are available on the website and their description is also written.

That is why we do not need to do any sales pitch, the website itself makes digital sales pitch.

Re-marketing & Re-targeting:

A customer came to our shop to buy something, but if he went without buying, we cannot go out to find it because we will not find it,

but it happens very often that the customer puts a product in the cart but for some reason does not pay and If the transaction stops then we can remarketing and retargeting such customer again and can attract him by any new offer.

24*7 potential Real Income:

No matter how hardworking you are, you open your shop at 8 in the morning and keep it open till 10 in the night, but more than this, you will hardly be not able to keep your shop running, but our website remains 24 * 7 and our customer is always Can sow from there.

Whether we are sleeping or have been to a wedding or have gone for a walk, but our website is still doing business for us and making customers.

International presence:

Like I told you first that we can target only the particular area from our shop, but from the website, we can do business anywhere in the world.

We get international recognition through the website, our products and services are known all over the world.

Fast order Processing:

If more customers suddenly come to our shop, then it becomes difficult to handle them all at once, then their order and billing process also take time, but as soon as the order is received on our website, it gets dispatched.

Any number of customers come to our website, they do not have to be in any line, such fast order processing is done.

What are the Challenges of the website?

While using the website, sometimes there are some challenges which if we pay attention to them, then we can do business well.

Site Crash:

Sometimes there is a lot of traffic on our website which can crash our website, so we should always take good hosting so that we do not face such a problem.

Try & Buy:

There are many people who try first and then buy, so if we have to create a system from our website developer and digital marketing team where the customer can try virtually as Lenskart does. In this way, we can keep our customers connected.

Fast Reply to Customer:

The customer is impatient, they want to reply to all his questions as soon as possible and it is not possible that we are always online so we can have a chatbot installed on our website, which will keep our customers answering their questions.

Shipping Delay:

Due to transportation, our product gets delayed in getting the customer, so we should make such a system that the customer gets the product of his choice as soon as possible.

Today a company like Amazon is so ahead because they have made such a system that they deliver fast product to the customer

Technology & Inventory:

We must keep the information about the product available to us, lest the product is being sold and we do not have that product in the inventory.

Always stay updated in technology, out-dated technology can harm

Competition High:

Today much big business is selling its product online, so competition is increasing slowly, so don’t worry about competition in business and focus on your product so that it stays in the competition.

Limited Control if You sell with another’ site:

Always try to sell your products on your own website and not on any other e-commerce website.

Ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart do not mean anything to you, they mean your product, till the time your product is sold, they giving you importance.

If you sell your product on another platform, then you will have to work accordingly to them and they will also have to charge a commission, which increases the cost of your product.

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