Facebook Ads after new iOS 14 version

Apple is launching the iOS 14 version, but you know that this new update will bring an earthquake in the digital marketing industry, This is especially at risk for those digital marketers who only work on Facebook ads.

Let’s talk about what is this new policy that is creating a situation of fear for digital marketers.

What is new in the iOS 14 version policy?

Apple will roll out a new privacy initiative in its next iOS 14 updates that will require customer permission to track user data across applications owned by different companies, according to a new blog post from the iPhone maker.

Users will be able to access this option at any time in their device settings.

iOS giving the option to their user that they can allow or disallow to track their data to any apps like Facebook.

Approx 75% of Facebook users are using Facebook via Mobile and, a large number of iOS users are included in 75% of users.

This is why there has been a dispute between Facebook and iPhone for a long time.

If Apple is not getting any benefit due to Facebook ads, then what problem is Apple going to have?

Apple himself is a very big company.

And you will also know that Apple is also going to launch its own search engine.

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Let’s talk about how will affect the new iOS 14 policy to the digital marketer (Facebook ads)

You will know that the most important thing about Facebook ads is that it is the best option for retargeting.

We used to put a Facebook pixel on our website and due to that we could remarketing and retargeting the audience in a good way.

But now Facebook pixel will not be able to track the action of iPhone users.

Such as

  • Add to cart
  • Custom Conversion
  • Lead Generation
  • Target to look like audiences
  • Lead form visitors
  • whatever we will make the sale funnel will also not be able to track.

I mean to say that we will get sales and leads but it will be difficult to know where all this data is coming from, how many iPhone users are there, etc.

In a way, we will not be able to retarget the iPhone user through Facebook ads, and whoever relies only on Facebook ads has broken their back.

There are still not many iPhone users in India, but if you are targeting the audience of a country like the USA, then you already know that there are many iPhone users.

That’s why it’s hard to get the right data via Facebook Ads.

So now you can think how difficult it will be to target iPhone users, but Android and Windows users can still target via Facebook ads.

No new policies have been announced by Android and windows yet.

but still, there is a fear that this is the beginning.

Now iPhone has taken out this policy, further android and windows also announce any such policy, then how difficult will marketing through Facebook ads be?

So, keeping in mind the present and future, start working on the solution below, so that if anything goes wrong in the future, then there is no pressure on us simultaneously.

You can follow the solutions given below

  • Stop depending on facebook pixel data because it will not give us proper data about our leads, sales, and conversion.
  • Use UTM. UTM is Url Builder. You can google it.
  • Use Google Analytics to check conversion or lead data.

          In Google Analytics you can check how many conversions you get via Facebook ads.

          It will not give you proper data but it will clear the picture.

  • Don’t depend only on one platform.

          Whatever you use platforms like Facebook or Instagram or any others but please do not depend on only one platform.

          I saw that many peoples were getting good sales from Tiktok but today you all know that TikTok is baned.

          Then think it is a very big mistake done by them who was only dependent on one platform.

  • Start using Native ads.

          For example, you can use Taboola.

          Taboola is the world’s leading discovery & native advertising platform that helps people explore what’s interesting and new in the moment of next.

  • Collect E-mail address from visitors. Trust me guys email marketing is a very good marketing tool. If you have an email id database you can do good marketing with E-mail and do sales.
  • Use Facebook messenger.

          On your ad campaign, you can generate leads on Facebook messenger.

          Try to bring more and more people to your Facebook messenger through your ads.

          You can remarket and retarget these leads anytime in the future.

If you start working on all these solutions from today, then it will be easy for you in the future.

Because Facebook ads cannot sustain digital marketer

Friends, I have done a lot of research and have written a blog based on my experience.

If you liked this blog, then please comment, which solution is best and you like.

If you feel that you also have any suggestions that can help digital marketers, then please must comment and tell so that more and more people can be helped.

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